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Tom Brennan

General Manager

Music host (Sun. 7p-10p), host of Brookdale Beat podcast, Advisor to Brookdale Student Radio & Station Manager. During some weeks he gets some relief during the first our of his shift for a Guest DJ. He’s been in radio for since 1993 and is a proud husband and father of 3.

Since 1997 he's worked at Brookdale Community College in a number or roles at the Radio Station. Since it's inception, Tom has been the advisor of Brookdale Student Radio & Podcasting Club, the student-run radio station at the College.

This helps his passion of showing the broadcasters of the future how radio works through Brookdale's academic and student life programs.

While on the air, Tom likes to sneak in some of his favorite artists. So, when you hear some Radiohead, Spoon, or Lenny Kravitz you'll know why. Same goes for any ska tune you'll hear him play.

He often talks about some of his favorite movies and their music on the air. Be prepared for "The Big Lebowski", Martin Scorsese and Wes Anderson film references.

He often appears on the station's Instagram account talking about today in music history and spins songs related to a special anniversary like an album's release or musician's birthday.