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Guest DJ Hour

Ever want to be a DJ on the radio? Now you can! With the Guest DJ option on our donation page make sure to choose the $240 (annual) or $20 monthly sustaining option.

After your donation you will be contacted from someone on the radio station staff to get the process going for you to have your own hour on the air.

Next you will need to collect about 25 songs and send them to us. We’ll check to see if the songs you want are in our library.

Once there are about 15 songs you’ll need to figure out your songlist. We suggest you either make a bullet list to talk about your songs or write out a script. This make the recording process a lot less stressful for you.

Then we’ll arrange a time for you to come in a pre-record your hour. With some guidance from the staff you’ll be all prepped to be a DJ.

The staff will take your recording and put the hour together. Typically we’ll play your hour at 7pm on Sunday. But don’t worry we’ll let you know with plenty of lead time and arrange to have the hour recorded.

Jerome Ferullo
Jerome takes you on a road trip this hour

Mary Kelly Guest DJ Hour
Mary Kelley is back for her third hour. This time around she’s going to be playing songs about the summertime, her favorite time of the year.

Justin Osborne was gifted this hour from his mother-in-law. He chose songs that had significance in his life.

GUEST DJ - Janet Mazur Cavano
Janet Mazur Cavano spent an hour sharing some of her favorite tunes. She was gifted Guest DJ Hour by her husband and family.

Ryan Walsh was gifted the hour from her dad, since she's a big fan of the station.

Marlene's Guest DJ Hour
She’s eager to share her playlist with you, as she was called “Marlene the iPod Queen” back in the day because she’d fill friends’ iPods with great music.

Ted Maloney has been a supporter of the station for years and finally decided to host an hour of music he loves on the station.

Jeannine Wallentine took her second Guest DJ spot to share more of her favorites with you.

During his Guest DJ hour Joe Verga played lots of covers for you.