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$1.13B Powerball Ticket Sold In Neptune

Shoprite Owner Richard Saker (L) and James A. Carey Jr, Exec. Dir. of NJ Lottery
Shoprite Owner Richard Saker (L) and James A. Carey Jr, Exec. Dir. of NJ Lottery

A winning ticket for the March 26th Powerball drawing was purchased right here in Monmouth County. After 31 drawings, the $1.13B ticket was sold at the Neptune Shoprite. A press conference was held yesterday at the location where the ticket was sold.

James A. Carey Jr., the Executive Director of the NJ Lottery had some advice for the winner, "f you are the winner, I encourage you right now, sign the back of the ticket, take a picture of it, make a copy of it and put it in a safe place. Tell only your closest loved ones that you were this lucky winner and then I would urge you go out and talk to a lawyer and maybe a financial advisor. Talk to someone that's a professional about what to do with your newfound wealth and how to handle it."

Richard Saker, owner of the many Shoprites in the area was presented with a check of $30,000 for selling the ticket.

Tassie York, mayor of Neptune also spoke and offered more advice, "I just want to congratulate you again. Do what you need to do and enjoy it. Just enjoy it. Enjoy it."

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