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Matt Pond PA and Alexa Rose - Imagining Everything

Collaboration is the heart of creative work, and it can be the key to opening up new musical and lyrical avenues. Call and Response was born of two artists who respect and admire each other deciding to connect. Matt Pond heard Alexa Rose mention his band in her song “Wild Peppermint” and reached out with thanks and an invitation to work on some songs together. This sweet and clear-eyed collection is the result.

The EP’s first track, “Imagining Everything,” explores the discomfort of vulnerability—standing on the precipice of contentment but not quite trusting it. “Am I imagining everything? Like what it means when you say, let’s go to sleep. In my mind, I heard that you hated me,” Pond sings. It also asks the very Pondian question, “How can I let go and love this world?”

There’s a sense of relief about being on an emotional upswing; the load seems lighter. But there’s some lingering unease about not having to carry as much.

Matt Pond PA & Alexa Rose - Imagining Everything.mp3

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