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MOCEANS Center for Independent Living

They help people experiencing disability to solve problems, open minds and create opportunity. MOCEANS sponsors education, advocacy, social connections and guidance so people can choose how they live, work, and participate in the life of their community. They offer both individual and systems advocacy. Individual advocacy is available to a consumer with a disability-related issue. Systems advocacy involves consumers working together to change policies and practices on a wide scale. They provide information about disability issues and referrals to other agencies and organizations in the area that serve individuals with disabilities and their families. They also offer both individualized and group independent living skills instruction to help consumers develop and enhance the skills needed to live independently. This can range from personal budgeting to mobility training to social skills. Also offered-peer support to individuals with disabilities both individually and in a group setting. Peer support is the sharing of experiences by and between two or more individuals with a disability and can help with the development of positive coping skills. To find out more about MOCEANS, including events like the upcoming Food and Wine pairing at Martell’s Tiki Bar, June 7th,

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