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Latest Monmouth University Poll

Monmouth University Polling Institute

When asked about the age of each candidate, 76% of voters agree that Biden is too old to serve as an effective President while only 48% say the same for Trump. President Biden is 80 and Trump is 77. As is to be expected, there is a stark partisan divide in the poll results between Democrat and Republican voters.

The poll also looked at the impact of current legal issues for each candidate. 46% of voters feel Trump committed a crime in response to the 2020 election outcome. For President Biden, who is facing an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives, 34% say he should be impeached. 93% of voters say they are aware of Hunter Biden’s legal troubles while only 79% have heard about the recent impeachment inquiry.

The poll was conducted between September 19th and 24th via telephone by the Monmouth University Polling Institute.