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Brookdale's Cybersecurity Recognized for Excellence

Congressman Chris Smith speaking at the ceremony
Brookdale Community College
Congressman Chris Smith speaks at the ceremony

Earlier this week, Congressman Chris Smith, Brookdale President Dr. David Stout and other local officials convened for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the College's Center for Excellence for Cybersecurity Education. Through a congressional earmark, Smith allocated over $439,000 in federal funds, allowing extensive renovations, new equipment and state-of-the-art technology to expand Brookdale's cybersecurity and technical education programs.

According to Smith “Brookdale has a strong history of exceptional training to support the cybersecurity ecosystem…this new center will not only help to advance the College's cybersecurity training efforts; it will help to train up a new generation of ‘super cyber cops’ to defend our information systems, infrastructure, cloud computing capabilities and networks.”

Thanks to support from the Board of Monmouth County Commissioners, Brookdale continues to grow and expand. It was ranked the best community college in New Jersey for the second consecutive year for its world class programs.