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Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse

Contra music from the Portland Selection; Hawaiian ukelele master John King; Music of the Smiths by The Ukrainians; Glasgow's art school band Franz Ferdinand; Good news/bad news from Modest Mouse. Featured Artist: Bob Dylan.

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Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues

Once only available as a bootleg, this is from Bob Dylan's now legendary performance at New York's Philharmonic Hall.

Hommage à Edmond Parizeau

This is a collection of contra dance tunes from Pacific Northwest musicians Sue Songer, Clyde Curley and George Penk.

Kalakaua March

We featured John King performing the music of Bach on ukulele on All Songs Considered episode 22.


The Ukrainians aren't from Ukraine, but they play music in the language of this eastern European country, even when doing cover tunes by bands like the Smiths and Sex Pistols.

Take Me Out

Franz Ferdinand is a Glasgow quartet of former art students with a sound that swings and swaggers its way from the Byrds to Television.

The World at Large

This second release on Sony for Modest Mouse comes ten years after the indie trio first formed in Issaquah, Washington.