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CPC Integrated Health

Eatontown-based CPC Integrated Health’s comprehensive approach to wellness is individualized, personal and deeply rooted in the community. When a group of Monmouth County parents founded CPC as the Children's Psychiatric Center in 1960, it was the very first mental health facility in New Jersey dedicated to children.

Their roots were established in the caring convictions of the founding parents who envisioned every best possibility for their children. As the continuum of services expanded over the next six decades, their dedication and conviction has never diminished. CPC has continued growing and adding new programs to our wide array of offerings, including their designation as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic.

The group’s mission is to support individuals, families, and the community in achieving whole health through an integrated system of care designed to promote well-being, recovery, and productive lives. Their goal is to create an equitable, accessible, and fully integrated system of care for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, physical health, care management services and specialized education, which will improve the lives of individuals and families.

At the same time, they aim to be recognized as a leader for workforce development, innovation, research, and best practices in the field of integrated health. You can find out more at cpcintegratedhealth dot org. There is also a link in the Non-Profits on the Night section at 90.5 the night dot org. All of the groups you hear featured are suggested by our listeners.