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Monmouth County Commissioner Director Issues Statement Urging the State to Allocate Tax Revenue From Recreational Marijuana to Addiction Services

Monmouth County Government

“My fellow Commissioners and I had the pleasure of attending the K.E.Y.S. Academy graduation at Brookdale Community College on June 13. For those who may not be aware, K.E.Y.S. Academy, which stands for Knowledge Empowers Youth and Sobriety, is an extension of the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District, and is one of only three Recovery High Schools in New Jersey.


This free program provides support and education to high school students with substance use disorders who seek a way to graduate high school and live a healthy, sober life.


It was awe-inspiring to hear about these young adults' successes and the challenges they’ve overcome—and continue to overcome. The success stories encompass the graduates’ resiliency, dedication and perseverance and we could not be prouder of their commitment to their education and their sobriety.


The efforts and dedication of the teachers, counselors and staff of the K.E.Y.S. Academy are truly admirable and evident through the graduates’ achievements.


According to K.E.Y.S. Academy, the funding for this program is provided by the New Jersey Department of Education under the Recovery Access Grant. Unfortunately, they have seen a substantial reduction in their budget this year. This reduction in funding has real-world consequences for the students, staff and counselors. We must find ways to keep programs like K.E.Y.S Academy available to students and families who need them.


Therefore, the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners is urging the State to allocate a percentage of the tax revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana to addiction services, which should include the Recovery High Schools in New Jersey. While my fellow Commissioners and I did not support the legalization of recreational marijuana, the law was passed and now the State is claiming that they are bringing in millions of dollars from the taxation of it. I cannot think of a more worthwhile way to use a portion of that tax revenue than for addiction services.”