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Chicano Batman - Live Today

Acclaimed psych-soul band and Los Angeles institution Chicano Batman is on tour in support of their fifth studio album, Notebook Fantasy. Produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Death Cab For Cutie) and partly recorded at the historic Sunset Sound, Notebook Fantasy embraces a sonic approach that bassist Eduardo Arenas refers to as “painting in primary colors.”

Born from a chord progression composed by Carlos Arévalo while practicing guitar and bolstered by lyrics and vocals from Bardo, the album-opening “Live Today” emerges as an empowered meditation on cutting through the chaos and finding your own version of peace, building a gloriously bombastic mood with its slinky grooves and otherworldly synth.

About the track, Arévalo shares “When I brought this idea to the band, I was inspired to record a big and punchy song arrangement with minimal elements. How fat sounding could we get a completed track with a live band recording and playing their instruments in a room together at the same time, with minimal overdubs? Ol’ school, right?

Although sonically different, I liken this song’s performance to an electric jazz quartet, where if you don’t record its off the cuff energy then it’s lost to the universe forever, thankfully John Congleton captured it all!”

Chicano Batman- Live Today

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