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Eric Slick - Anxious To Please

Eric Slick has always operated on good vibes. As the longtime drummer of Dr. Dog, he’s also an in-demand musician who’s recorded and performed with acts like Taylor Swift, Waxahatchee, Kevin Morby, and more. Where much of his adventurous solo music has matched the sunny disposition that’s made him the glue both onstage and backstage, his latest LP New Age Rage is a more acerbic and fully-formed portrait of the Nashville-based artist.

Across 10 tracks, he channels his anxieties of a dystopian tech-driven future, an often tumultuous life on the road, and being understood into thrilling and provocative synth-pop. By making the most striking and ambitious departure of his career, he ends up with his most fully himself release yet. Slick initially thought to record New Age Rage entirely alone in his home studio in Nashville but he realized working with people he trusted and loved would help fulfill his vision best. He enlisted co-producer Andy Molholt (of Speedy Ortiz) to help color in the arrangements.

“This is an Eric and Andy record,” says Slick, who credits Molholt with making the retro genre pastiche in the arrangements sound relevant and urgent – whether it’s the woozy, Bossa Nova-inspired “Darkest Shade of Red” that’s pocked with dial-up noises and vocoder effects, or the brooding, orchestral “Freakin’ Out.” Elsewhere, Slick recruits a rotating cast of collaborators that include Finom, Diane Coffee, Liam Kazar, and more.

Eric Slick - Anxious To Please (Radio edit).mp3

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