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Bodega - Tarkovski

The new album from Bodega, which started out as a 33-track epic recorded on a laptop's microphone won't be out until April but, you can download the lead single off of it called, Tarkovski right now.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for years,” guitarist and vocalist Ben Hozie of Bodega explains of their upcoming album, Our Brand Could Be Yr Life – a collection of catchy indie-rock ruminations on the slow-creep of corporate-think into youth culture, first written eight years ago.

Then known as BODEGA BAY, the Brooklyn group recorded those songs as a paradoxical double album. “It was super meticulous but aggressively lo-fi at the same time,” Hozie laughs, recalling thirty three tracks they “treated like a lush Brian Wilson epic but recorded through a scrappy MacBook mic.” Pretty much no one heard the ensuing self-released album outside of Bushwick, he insists.

But for Hozie and vocalist Nikki Belfiglio – BODEGA’s other driving force – it retained a special place in their hearts, as more than just music. “It was a statement,” the guitarist beams. “Where the philosophy we loved and music we loved began to combine into one package,” Belfiglio adds. Now, BODEGA – completed by lead guitarist Dan Ryan, bassist Adam See and drummer Adam Shumski – have reinterpreted Our Brand Could Be Yr Life for 2023.

BODEGA - Tarkovski

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