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Low Cut Connie - Are You Gonna Run

Adam Weiner aka Low Cut Connie
Adam Weiner aka Low Cut Connie

Low Cut Connie is the alter ego of Adam Weiner a musician from Philadelphia who has, over the past dozen years collected a cult following and now you can collect "Are You Gonna Run" for free.

For years now, Low Cut Connie has built its grassroots coalition of oddballs, underdogs, and fun-loving weirdos with songs that celebrate life on the fringes of polite society. The band’s infamously wild, passionate live shows provide a total release - of stress, of inhibition, of shame - working up a primordial rock n roll sweat for fans to get blissfully soaked in. The new album, and its full-length companion film, sizzle with that same cathartic sweat, reminding us that it's time to get dirty again, and to feel alive. ART DEALERS sits at the intersection of sleazy and soulful - a collection of risky, romantic, life-affirming anthems, all dedicated to uou. "I think rock n roll exists to be a red-blooded, countercultural medium,” says Weiner, who has performed under the Low Cut Connie moniker for over a decade, "You're supposed to get your hair messed-up."

Low Cut Connie - Are You Gonna Run.mp3

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