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Wunderhorse - Purple

Jacob Slater, of Wunderhorse, went head-first into the London punk scene at the age of 17. That, burned him out, his band broke up and he decided to take a slower pace to life. Now he's back with a new album and new single. "Purple" your Song of the Week.

On the face of it, Wunderhorse's Jacob Slater had everything he’d ever dreamed of. His band, Dead Pretties, were being talked up as one of the most exciting new groups in the UK. The handful of tracks the trio had put out were a riot of punk riffs and gobby attitude, and the sweaty bedlam of their shows had record labels lining up, salivating at the prospect of signing the latest great young hopes. Yet for Slater, all wasn’t well. He’d run away to join the rock and roll circus aged just seventeen and the tolls and temptations of being the frontman of London’s latest buzz band were starting to show. He found himself burnt out. Something had to give. “That life was what I wanted, and or at least that's what I thought I wanted,” recalls Slater today. “I was like, ‘I'm going to be in this band and I have to have a lifestyle to match…’ It just wasn't sustainable. It got dark quite quickly. I had to take myself out of that environment.” Aside from the damage he was doing to himself, on an artistic level Slater knew that the more musically rich, nuanced songs he wanted to make wouldn’t fit into Dead Pretties’ fuzz-toned constraints.

Wunderhorse - Purple.mp3

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