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Dentist (06/15/2023)

 Justin, Emily, and Matt of Dentist
Anthony Fox
Justin, Emily, and Matt of Dentist

Dentist stopped by the station prior to them playing as part of the North2Shore Festival

This afternoon, I was lucky to have the band Dentist, from Asbury Park, spend a little time with me on the air. Not only did we talk about their show at the Wonder Bar, part of the North 2 Shore Festival, but we also discussed their writing and recording techniques, how the band has grown since they formed 10 years ago and what their plans are for the upcoming few months. Plus, they played a song acoustically. It was a blast spending time with Emily, Justin and Matt.

Grew up in Manasquan, where I forged my working papers so I could get a job in a local restaurant. Started in radio when I was 17, then jumped into the record business at 18, lying about my age like a mad-man. Got back into radio in my early 20’s, when I was named program director of WHTG, which we changed into FM 1063 (recognized by the industry as one of the first and most influential alternative rock stations in the country). Left FM1063 after a little more than a decade, heading out west to work on a couple of radio stations in New Mexico; after a few years, I moved back to the NYC area to get back into the record business.