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Senator Bob Menendez Receives Record Low Approval Rating

Monmouth University

A new Monmouth University poll finds that a majority of New Jerseyans believe Senator Bob Menendez should resign following his federal indictment in September of 2023.

The poll finds that just 16% approve of the job Senator Menendez is doing while 74% disapprove. This is by far his lowest rating in polling data that goes back to 2008. It is significantly lower than his approval rating following his 2015 corruption scandal and indictment. 75% feel the Senator is probably guilty of the charges he’s facing and 63% feel he should resign now.

Menendez was charged with multiple corruption offenses related to accepting bribes and providing sensitive information to the Egyptian government. More Recently, Menendez and his wife, Nadine, were charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly misrepresenting the nature of payments made to them as loans while prosecutors claim they were bribes.

Menendez’s trial is scheduled to begin in May.

See the complete poll results from Monmouth University here: Public Calls for Menendez Resignation | Monmouth University Polling Institute | Monmouth University