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Gov. Murphy Pushes For 100% EVs by 2035

Flo EV Charger at Brookdale Community College
Tom Brennan
Flo EV Charger at Brookdale Community College

The Advanced Clean Cars II rule will require vehicle manufacturers to increase the percentage of their total sales that are zero emission vehicles starting at 35% in 2026 and ramping up to 100% by 2035.

The rule has no effect on used car sales. There will be some flexibility for vehicle manufacturers who can earn credit towards their electric vehicle requirements through the sale of plug-in hybrids.

Currently, EVs make up roughly 12% of new vehicle sales. Existing programs such as Federal Clean Vehicle Tax Credits and Charge Up New Jersey rebates hope to help ease the transition and make EVs more appealing to consumers.

Critics of the rule claim that the electric grid will not be able to support such a large influx of EVs. A press release from the Murphy administration argues that the 11-year time horizon will provide “time for auto industry transition and continued development of charging infrastructure and a more robust and cleaner electrical grid in New Jersey.”

Alex Ambrose, the transportation and climate policy analyst for New Jersey Policy Perspective notes that transportation accounts for 35% of greenhouse gas emissions in the state and made a statement saying, “this policy shows that New Jersey will not back down from fossil fuel industry pressure and misinformation.”