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Asynchronous Book Club

Asynchronous Book Club

Feel the need to satisfy that "OMG have you read this" feeling? This Thursday the Asynchronous Book Club will be at Last Wave Brewing's tasting room from 6pm-8pm, and if you've ever read a book -doesn't matter which one- you're invited.

How does that work? The Asynchronous Book Club is a BIR (Books I've Read) book club, which means there's no assigned reading ...ever. Instead, it's all about the books you've read in the past, or are currently reading.

Bring a list of 3-5 books you've read and Wolfe & Kron Books will group you together with a table of readers who've got a similar BIR. Compare your lists, have a sip of something, and see what books you have in common!

Can't make it right at 6pm? Totally aok.

Not feeling super social -or if you just got to THAT part of the book- and need a few? You can always sit back, crack open your book, and read.

Just know this is very much NOT a Silent Book Club —check out the Silent Book Club chapters for Monmouth & Ocean County if quiet time reading near some humans is more your speed.

If you're that book worm who's always leaning across the aisle to ask "Hey! What are you reading?" then this is the crew for you. Make some additions from someone's BIR to your TBR this Thursday at Last Wave Brewing, or catch us 5/14 at Bradley Brew Project, 5/23 at 3BR Distillery, or 5/29 at Beach Bee Meadery

Last Wave Brewing Company
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM on Thu, 9 May 2024

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Wolfe & Kron Books
Last Wave Brewing Company
601 Bay Ave
Point Pleasant , New Jersey 08742
(732) 450-8600