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Margaritas Podridas, 'Filosa'

Not finding the words to describe how you feel can be torture. That unspeakable tension drives "Filosa," one of two new tracks by Hermosillo, México punks Margaritas Podridas. (Literally, "rotten daisies.") Under blasting drums and jagged guitars, bassist and vocalist Carolina Rivera lays bare her dilemma: "No se lo que quiero / no quiero decirte / no lo puedo decir." She doesn't know what she wants and, even if she did, she wouldn't bother telling you. Instead, she growls and barks as the band pummels behind her, the titular character done with being called "bitter," "aggressive" and other adjectives used to demonize women.

Of course, it could also be Margaritas Podridas making a statement to an American audience — the song, along with "Vómito," was released on Sub Pop. Why should they have to speak in English? The feedback noise and Rivera's putrid, guttural scream get the point across just fine: Don't mess with us.

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