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‘My County’ poster contest opens to fourth graders

Monmouth County Government

“I am thrilled to announce the ‘My County’ poster contest for 2023,” said County Surrogate Maureen T. Raisch. “We invite all fourth graders to take part in this great contest to illustrate what they love about Monmouth County including our County Government. I can’t wait to see the creativity of these posters!”

Since the majority of fourth graders study the State of New Jersey as part of their social studies curriculum, all school principals in Monmouth County are being asked to get fourth-grade students involved by creating their own poster that relates to Monmouth County. The posters created should depict special and unique things about Monmouth County.

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  • Posters must be on a standard 22-inch by 28-inch poster board.
  • The words “Monmouth County” must appear at the top of the poster in 4-inch letters with black marker.
  • The student’s name, teacher’s name and school must be printed neatly in the lower right-hand corner of the back of the poster.

“As New Jersey’s fourth graders study the State of New Jersey as part of their social studies curriculum, the ‘My County’ poster contest helps students gain an understanding of what County Government does each and every day,” said County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon. "The design and content of the posters are up to the students’ imaginations, and I am excited to see their creativity in depicting some of Monmouth County’s best features.”

“We look forward to the ‘My County’ poster contest every year since it’s a project where students dedicate valuable time and use innovative ideas to create posters about Monmouth County,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden. “It’s also a notable example of civic engagement, as it helps our students learn more about the great County we live in.”

Posters must be mailed or delivered to the Monmouth County Surrogate’s Office at the Hall of Records, 1 East Main St., Freehold. The deadline is 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 1, 2023. Invitations to participate in the contest have been sent to all County school principals.

Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third-place winners. Nine posters will also receive honorable mentions. Each of the twelve posters will be individually displayed at the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office.

The poster contest is sponsored statewide by the Constitutional Officers Association of New Jersey to commemorate County Government Month in April. All posters become the property of the Constitutional Officers Association and the County of Monmouth. Submission of a poster grants the Constitutional Officers Association permission to display a poster in public places.

For more information about the poster contest, go to or contact the Surrogate’s Office at 732-431-7330, ext. 7331

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