Rally for the River - stewardship and advocacy for the Shark River tidal basin

shark River Hills Volunteer Park

149 South Riverside Drive
Neptune, NJ

The Shark River Cleanup Coalition, along with the residents of Shark River Hills, will be holding a Rally for the River on Sunday, August 13. The rally will start with a march that starts at the bottom of Snake Hill. Marchers are asked to meet at the bottom of Snake Hill at 11:30 am. The march will proceed to Volunteer Park, where speakers and marchers will gather to call for Neptune Township to delay any vote on the bond ordinance to finance this project until other entities/agencies have provided further evaluation on the impact/necessity of this proposed project. Please make every attempt to attend this rally, as the ecology of our Shark River is definitely at stake of being compromised. Whether you live on South Riverside, or live elsewhere but enjoy the river for boating, fishing, kayaking, or even walking along the edge with your dog or children, this project affects you! The residents still have unresolved questions regarding whether or not flood mitigation is a real necessity here, the exact impact on the ecology and environment, and lack of beach access beyond the entry points. In addition, several residents have raised serious questions about the township's FEMA application, which states that flooding occurs on a regular basis, as often as 2-3 times a month. Many residents dispute these assertions, and the township has not been able to produce any documentation to verify those claims. At the public hearing held at the Shark River Hills firehouse, the overwhelming sentiment of the residents was that they were not in favor of any structure being constructed along the beachfront on South Riverside Drive from Snake Hill to the Shark River Boat and Yacht Club. They also expressed concern for the vegetation, wildlife, and sea life that would be negatively impacted by this project. Several did voice opinions in favor of the project, a few basing their viewpoint on take the money or lose it. The township will bond for approximately $350,000 for their cost, with the remaining $850,000 being paid by FEMA.

Sunday - August 13, 2017


Shark River Cleanup Coalition

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