Electric Car Show

South Street Plaza

South and Main Streets
Manasquan, NJ

The Manasquan Environmental Commission will offer those curious about electric cars an opportunity to have all their questions answered and get a turn behind the wheel. The environmental commission will host its first ever Electric Car Show on Sunday, April 23 from noon to 3 p.m. at the South Street Plaza. There will be no charge for admission. The ride-and-drive event will feature three or four electric cars provided by Circle BMW which attendees will get to either ride in or test drive. BMW experts will be on hand to explain the technology and answer questions, according to event organizer Jay Bryant of the environmental commission. "It's a great opportunity to really get a first time hands on experience with an electric car, and have questions answered about them and to come out and learn about them," said Mr. Bryant. Students from the Manasquan High School's Academy of Engineering will have a table set up for demonstrations, along with the school's robotics team, Mr. Bryan t said. The Manasquan Music and Dance Academy will have two bands playing throughout the day. Along with the electric cars provided by Circle BMW, Mr. Bryant hopes other electric car groups and owners get involved. "We're looking to get more participants from the electric car community so people can see the variety of electric cars that are available," he said. "Anybody's welcome if they have an electric car to show." Mr. Bryan said the intent is for those with electric vehicles to feel welcome to show off their cars and answer questions about them "just like you would have at a classic car show." "That kind of participation is what we're going for," he said. "We're hoping the event brings people into the community as well as community members, not only to learn about electric cars, but also to learn about Manasquan as a destination for people with electric cars." In May of last year, the borough launched its "Stop, Charge and Shop" program with the donation of two Chargepoint Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations. The electric vehicle charging stations, located in the South Street parking lot, are part of the BMW/Volkswagen DC Express Corridor program, which features charging stations located approximately every 50 miles from Washington D.C. to Boston. The Manasquan electric vehicle fast charge stations are the first of their kind along the Jersey Shore route from Manasquan to Atlantic City and beyond. According to Mr. Bryant, they attract visitors from out of town who may not otherwise stop in Manasquan. "The interesting thing is, that I'm finding out, is that the electric car community is continuing to grow and that many of the owners [of electric cars] are planning their day trips and consumer activities based around where the charging stations are located," said Mr. Byrant. "Its also a way to attract people to the town and get a different audience in here, a different group of consumers who want to come here and take advantage of what we have." On Saturday, April 22, the day before the electric car show, the environmental commission will host a beach sweep at 9 a.m. along the borough's Main Beach. The commission also holds meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. in borough hall, 201 E. Main St.

Sunday - April 23, 2017