Philosophy Works: an Introductory Course in Practical Philosophy

Red Bank Charter School

58 Oakland St.
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Philosophy Works is 10-week course, meeting once a week designed to help individuals find their Inner strength and happiness. There is in each of us a deep, limitless source of happiness, love, wisdom and truth. If we would like our lives to be inspired by these qualities, we need to gain access to this source. Some of us have forgotten that happiness is there; some have decided that it does not exist. Some remember, but have forgotten how to find it. Our daily lives have become engrossed in stress and anxiety. Practical Philosophy posits that there is limitless source of well being within each one of us. This course offers a tried and true, systematic way to gain access to it. It is designed for people like us who live and work in the world. It needs no academic preparation. It welcomes everyone who is sincerely interested in exploring a path to this happiness. Relaxation and Breathing exercise is taught and practiced in class.

Monday - January 13, 2014


School of Practical Philosophy

Phone: 212-744-0764