Natalia Zukerman at The Loft at Union County Performing Arts Center

The Loft at Union County Performing Arts Center

1601 Irving Street
Rahway, NJ 07065

Natalia Zukerman grew up in New York City, studied art at Oberlin, worked in mural arts in San Francisco, began her songwriting career in Boston, and now resides, writes, plays and paints in Brooklyn, NY. The daughter of classical musicians Eugenia and Pinchas Zukerman, Natalia found her sound in other strings those on slide guitar, lap steel, and dobro - and found kinship in the earthiness and honesty of folk, bluegrass, jazz and blues music. Natalia has been described by public radio as "an example of the finest Americana." She combines her unique slide guitar playing style with seductive vocals, a painter's observing eye, unapologetic writing, and sharp wit. Her music is as riddled with urban restlessness as it is grounded in rootsy warmth a welcome contradiction. "Natalia's voice could send an orchid into bloom while her guitar playing can open a beer bottle with its teeth." New Yorker

Saturday - September 21, 2013


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