What the Frack? Toxic Wastewater Dumping in New Jersey - Should You Care?

First Presbyterian Church of Rumson

4 East River Road
Rumson, NJ 07760

A NYTimes investigative report highlighted fracking's severe environmental risks, including radioactivity in drilling wastewater that is sometimes hundreds to thousands of times the U.S.EPA's drinking water standard. Congressional investigations have found fracking fluids contained 750 chemicals, some of which are very hazardous to human health. A Cornell University study found shale facking could have a greater effect on climate change than coal and oil over the life cycle of its production. A Duke University study found average concentrations of methane in shallow drinking water in active gas drilling areas were 17 times higher than those in non-active areas. In the enthusiatic rush to become energy independent we have sidelined the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing only to be shouldered in the future by our children. We welcome participation in an evening designed to educate and explore these concerns especially as New Jersey becomes poised to accept the toxic waste byproducts of this industry for storage, disposal and treatment. Should this be allowed? There will be a short informational video followed by an expanded discussion and Q&A with an expert from Food and Water Watch.

Thursday - May 16, 2013


Christine O'Rourke

Phone: 732 673-3306