From Script to Screen: Hands-On Filmaking


765 Newman Springs Rd
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Would you like to learn how to turn that movie idea buzzing in your head into a film? Maybe you're interested in finally finishing that script you started? In this intense, topic-packed 24-hour program, learn filmmaking from soup to nuts by actually making a film with fellow students. Understanding step-by-step scriptwriting including formatting and dialogue and collaboratively workshop a 3-5 page screenplay. Handle and operate a HD DSLR camera and it's various lenses; find out about ISO, exposure and focus; use dollies, tripods and learn handheld techniques. Find out about storyboarding, scene lighting, sound equipment, directing and editing. Finally, screen your collaborated short film and invite family and friends for its world premier. Mondays, September 24 to November 12, 2012, 6-9pm Fee and Code: $499 , XBUSS 086 F To register, call Brookdale at 732-224-2315

Monday - October 22, 2012

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